How Important is Social Media for a Business?

Unless you have spent the previous two decades in a cave with no access to the rest of the world, then you know how big the Internet has become.  The Internet has taken over and no more are the times of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan firing up their slow landline to connect and read an email message.  Today, we inundated with colossal amounts of emails from favorite brands, friends, family, and work. We now use it to shop online, buy our food, game, watch TV, order movie tickets and last but not least, embark on a journey of socializing on the internet beyond an email message.

So How Important is Social Media for your Business?

Today we can reach anyone, anytime by a press of a button through channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumbler and that is just to name a few big dogs in the yard.  Over three billion users are on social media every day!  It isn’t just individuals who are using social media as a means of a connection.  Businesses have jumped on the bandwagon to share their offerings through social media marketing campaigns for brand building.  Users on Instagram can discover the latest in books, beauty, entertainment, and a lot more.  What about Twitter?  Depending on how many you follow, most feeds have businesses of all shapes and sizes tweeting about their best product or service.

No matter your target, product or service you are offering to the public here or worldwide, there is a customer out there for you. Social media is climbing its way to passing the antiquated advertising techniques of the past.

Times Are Changing


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Before the Internet and television, the radio was the place for advertising during the 30s.   By the 1950s, American homes saw television marketing in the form of sponsorships.  In the 1960s, the trend moved to book time slots for ad campaigns we still see now. Once the Internet emerged in the late 1990s, the world has seen a powerful shift in the way businesses reach consumers.  With computers and smartphones, consumers are near means of advertising day and night.  The statistics that social media has access to can create better opportunities for companies to dial in on reaching their prospects at the proper time.  Knowing who the customer is and the best time to connect opens doors for higher earning potential.

Marketing Strategy


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So how is this platform of advertising trustworthy to consumers?  Facebook has likes, comments, and shares, Instagram has hearts, Twitter has retweets, hearts, and comments, etc.  Companies are spreading out their marketing from television to social media and as we see this trend increase so will consumer trust. Change presents challenges that also present growth. As consumers see a brand over time in social media platforms will build trust with the likes, shares, tags, and comments from their social circles. Social media is also a convenience for the user, and with a push of a button, they are spreading the word about your business or organization.  This lends credence to the credibility of a business and like the old-fashioned word-of-mouth, it is a similar concept except it is online.



This is a perfect time for businesses of all sizes to take their local business and establish brand awareness online.  Some large businesses engage social media and some not at all.  Apple has a Twitter account for helping Apple users and they have an Instagram account.  They may not use a lot of social media, but they seem to cherry-pick what and how they use it.  Marlboro has been around for ages.  They do not use social media; However, the government regulates their product and this may play a role in that aspect.

One well-established retailer that engages their consumer through social media is Wal-Mart.  They engage in social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  Wal-Mart is scoring higher with their shoppers by now having their shoppers order their groceries online and delivered when they arrive at the store.  They are a prolific company that started as a five and dime store and with their effective strategies to change with the times keeps them as a front runner in today’s market.

With a plethora of platforms to integrate into a marketing plan, a business is certain to have success through a social media campaign. Whether is it best for a business to cherry-pick like Apple or have a broad base platform, social media can target your audience through metric measurements and foster a close connection to your customer.   Large or small, local or nationwide, it is a matter of your vision, company culture, and goals.



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What does the future of the marketing landscape bring to your mind? Where do you see your business going? With the progression in technology, navigating the social media landscape can be significant with the right marketing team like V Eight Marketing.  Small business is the backbone of your local community and the United States.  With over three billion social media users every day, it is possible to reach them through a tailored branding campaign that creates a lasting impact on your prospects.  You can bring a memorable experience to a new customer and generate customer loyalty to your business with the use of social media.  V8 Marketing can do this for you by working with you from scratch.  Let us go to work with you!  We are excited to bring the world and your local community to your business!

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