6 Best Ways to Convert Automobile Shoppers with SEO & Offline Promoting

Automobile dealerships can incorporate offline advertising with optimized SEO digital marketing strategies. Find out how to stop missing out on local online automobile shoppers.

Gaining more local business is attainable through strong SEO geo focused Automobile marketing strategy in tandem with offline promoting. With the fierce competition online, automotive dealers will need to up their digital advertising strategy. According to Dialogtech.com, “2x as many automotive consumers start their research online versus at a dealer.” — so how can a local automotive business convert online shoppers into loyal customers?

It begins with a formidable SEO strategy to get them to your site with:

  1. Geo focus, Landing page,
  2. Targeted keyword stemming,
  3. Straightforward way customers can connect to your dealership,
  4. Focused social media outreach,
  5. Local charitable events.

Geo-Targeting SEO

SEO? You don’t know what that acronym is? Now, it is not too late to learn what it is and how it impacts your automotive business. SEO (search engine optimization) is the element of your on-page and off-page keyword strategy that google considers when someone is searching for something online.

Local SEO

According to Cox Automotive research, walking into a dealership is still the first form of contact that a buyer gets when shopping for a car. Most buyers start online at a third parting and wind up at the dealer site.

Despite the online world taking over, automotive dealers still connect with customers in person more than online. CBT Auto Network would agree, “If you are looking to upgrade your marketing strategy, SEO, video marketing, and phone responses are where you should target your efforts.”

The Three ‘L’s in Your SEO Toolbox

· Location (Geo) & metadata –Make sure that your location is correct, not just within your social media and other local marketing efforts, it is just as essential within the back end of your website and google business profile.

· Long Tail Keywords – Using short keywords like ‘car,’ ‘new car,’ or using a brand like ‘Chevrolet,’ for example, is too general, and you will miss out on visitors. Opt for ‘new cars in the San Francisco Bay Area,’ or used ‘Chevrolet in east bay’ for example.

· Landing Page – You have mere seconds to grab your visitors’ attention and convert them to customers. Having a landing page that draws the eye in the right places, a straightforward way to navigate, and a tremendous opt-in form is all-important.

· Geo Location

For example, ‘new cars near me,’ ‘new cars in the bay area,’ ‘best cars in the San Francisco Bay Area.’ These are keyword phrases that shoppers will use when shopping for their next car. Most car shopping begins on third party sites with less starting on a local automotive dealer’s webpage.

Eventually, traffic funnels through to third-party and then to a dealership page, but wouldn’t it be better to get them before any other site does?

Landing Page

· Optimize your website or landing page to gain these search leads before another dealership grabs your prospect’s attention so you can convert online shoppers to customers. Your landing page needs to be constructed for an optimal end-user experience. Important things to include are an opt-in form so you can collect information about your visitor and a way to keep in touch.

· Contact Information & Chat Box – Your dealership name and location must stand out, with a way to easily connect with them via phone or instant chat. 61% of new and used auto shoppers call the dealership after their search. 

· Logo- Placing your logo with optimal visibility with your brand message needs to be on the landing page, but consistent through any pages your customer will see.

· Videos- The popularity of consumers watching videos is on the rise. Pictures are impressive and should be used, however, creating a video with your latest, and best selection of automobiles engages your visitor more.

It is best to keep videos short; however, for automotive, this guideline may not apply. If you have an interested customer serious about a purchase, these customers will want details and may spend more time on a detailed video.

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Social Media

Other ways to incorporate a strong geo SEO strategy is to align it with your social media efforts and local community events. Facebook and LinkedIn can be excellent choices to pair together to execute a marketing strategy. Booking ads on social media can be a substantial addition to a pay per click campaign by building brand awareness in a less direct advertorial way.

· LinkedIn– This is a target-rich environment that houses niche clientele. So if your automotive dealership has a specific brand or vehicle that business executives and management level employees like, then building a campaign targeting this demographic will build brand awareness, an open forum for engagement, and a way to connect.

· Facebook– Likewise, Facebook is a big dog in the social media world, with thousands seeing videos and ads every day. The demographic of Facebook users is more significant compared to other platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest. According to Pew Research, 67% of adults use Facebook.

Find a Local Partner & Give Back

Engage with your local community differently to garner more customers offline. That is another method that you can use for your dealership along with your digital marketing efforts.

What is your Brand’s Passion?


Toys for Tots during the holidays?

Try partnering with another local business for a canned food drive for cross-promotion opportunities.

Promote your support of local schools. Organize a fundraiser and be their sponsor.

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