19 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers Right Now

Looking to grow your brand on Instagram? Use these 19 tips to get more Instagram followers, including using hashtags, contests, and what to post.

Shelley Walsh June 27, 2020


Do you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram in 2020?

Even though there was a reported drop in user growth, Instagram still retains its position as the second most used social networking channel (in the U.S.) behind Facebook.

The Instagram app is the second most popular app for the iPhone (after YouTube).

Out of a billion monthly Instagram users, 63% (about 63 million) log in every day for an average of 28 minutes.

Out of 500 million people viewing Instagram stories every day, a third of those are from businesses.

For a brand wanting to reach or increase engagement with their audience, there’s a lot of users in one place waiting to meet you.

Do you need any more reasons to use Instagram for a business?

But, like all social media, you have to find the right tone of voice.

Or, risk looking like your dad crashing a festival and trying to dance with your friends.

Nobody wants to see that.

So, to get more followers on Instagram and increase engagement here are 19 steps for your brand to succeed.

Hold onto your Instagram stories, posts, feed, bio, and hashtags.

1. Have a Plan & Create a Content Calendar Full of Great Ideas

When we write content, we labor over ideas, delivery, and optimization.

It should be no different when we share photos and videos on a business or brand’s Instagram account.

Take the time to brainstorm clever content ideas that align with seasons, holidays, your business’ upcoming events, and (most importantly) your overall traffic and sales goals.

You can still be flexible and post spontaneously as ideas come to you.

But having a library of ideas and a (tentative) schedule will keep you ahead of the game instead of scrambling for something to post.

Depending on your business, you could potentially post several times a day or several times a week.

Make an Instagram content plan and stick to it.

2. Only Post Well-Composed Images & Videos + Make Sure They’re in Focus