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Our V Eight Marketing Story

Performance Award 2020

A Different Kind of Beginning

In 2019, entrepreneur and marketing enthusiast Niclas Haritos started the Social Media Marketing Agency — V Eight Marketing — for healthy restaurants.

YES — Healthy Restaurants.

Before starting V Eight Marketing, Niclas spent over seven years in the automotive industry before becoming a sales manager for a consulting firm to improve the operation. An exceptional sales growth leads to a district sales manager position promotion. 

Using the same growth mentality and marketing strategies, Niclas tested the water with V Eight Marketing in the food & beverage industry with little to no success. 

One Friend Made The Difference

Some of Niclas friends who had built their automotive repair shops and detailing businesses asked for digital marketing help. Niclas connected the two dots and transformed V Eight Marketing into the top digital marketing agency for automotive companies we know today.

What has changed?

By refocusing V Eight Marketing’s vision from a Social Media Marketing Agency to a full-service digital marketing agency for automotive companies.

Niclas’ strategy was to turn V Eight Marketing into a business-changing agency with a unified approach to marketing integrates every aspect of modern brand-building, from PPC and SEO to content marketing and social media management.

V Eight Marketing has grown into a small team of expert marketers who share Niclas’ vision and passion for constant growth.

V Eight Marketing



We are hungry learners that constantly seek opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. We know that life is a continuous improvement process that never ends.


We strive to understand your visitors and your potential customers. We genuinely want to understand what problem you are going to solve so we can increase the value of your digital assets.


We always invest our time and money with the long term in mind and understand that’s a journey to fulfill our mission.


We stand for connecting the dots. Your customers are one click away from getting the help and support you offer to solve, and we are here to make that connection.


We live with strong moral principles and do the right things in an honest way. The shortcut sounds nice but causes unnecessary damage.


We do what we say we’re going to do. Every team member counts on each other, so we get the job done for our clients.


We are constantly looking for new opportunities to get better results. That involves a creative mindset to think outside the box.


We focus on solving challenging problems instead of avoiding them. Creating a solution means persevering the problem until the perfect solution is found.

V Eight Marketing calls the golden city home — breezy San Francisco

One Friend Made The Difference

We bring the energy and passion of the city to every successful marketing campaign we launch, whether it’s a detailing business in Philly, a car wrapping company in San Jose, or a classic car restoration shop in Nebraska.

We help our clients with everything from creating visual content for their social media accounts to email marketing campaigns. Every project we do is in service of our mission: 

To help amazing companies grow their revenues with our expert digital marketing.

We focus on results. We focus on ROI. Our experienced marketing specialists help brands understand where and how their money is best spent, whether that’s with social advertising, direct mail, or highly targeted search engine marketing.

Curious of how we can drive your business to be more profitable?

A Few of the Companies We’ve Helped Grow…
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Digital Marketing for Detailing businesses
Digital Marketing for Detailing businesses
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Online Marketing Automotive Dealerships

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