How We Helped Auto Presslauer Increase Their
Online Presence To Get More Clients

The Challenge

At V Eight Marketing, we worked with the Suzuki Car Dealership Auto Presslauer to boost visibility via several common keywords in their local market.

At the time, Auto Presslauer was planning on selling the business within the next 12 months. However, based on their research, they found that the buyers’ interest would arise when increasing its brand awareness on Google and other search engines.


The Solution

The challenge for us was helping Presslauer build their visibility and become known for services outside of the main ones they are known. Plus, there was some concern around their highly-specialized competitors like Auto-Schmidt.

To solve that, we helped Auto Presslauer build visibility in organic search results. That meant building out content on the site to help position Auto Presslauer as the go-to dealership for brands like Suzuki and other Japanese car manufacturers.


Results With V Eight Marketing

We used a mix of Keyword Optimization strategies to help Auto Presslauer rank higher for relevant keywords in this space and leveraged valuable Content Marketing to connect with new users who had a high likelihood of being interested in Auto-Presslauers variety of car services in Munich.

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