The Showcase Of How To Boost Returning
Customers With E-Mail Marketing

The Challenge

In this case, was the fact that there wasn’t much room for error. Shops specializing in Classic Car Restoration services have a razor-thin marketing budget to invest in, which means that every dime they invest in marketing needs to have a strong likelihood of producing a return. There’s not much to waste.

In addition to that, most shop customers are located within a short distance from a repair shop of choice and don’t tend to venture further. These customers are also reasonably price sensitive.

Online Marketing for Car repairshops

The Solution

We started off by testing various email headlines, first paragraphs, and Call-To-Actions. That helped us find a few combinations that delivered the return for First Choice Auto Clinic in terms of email marketing success. Once the email Open-Rates and Click-Through-Rate were optimized, we started adding value to the shops’ email list, so the ROI was measurable to First Choice Auto Clinic.

We used behavioral engagement to get in front of new customers. For example, we implemented geographic targeting of posts within the area and engaged with social media users within proximity of the business location.

Digital Marketing for Classic Car Restoration

Results With V Eight Marketing

On social media, images become “stale” faster than they do on other channels because of the speed of content consumption on social platforms, so we rotated fresh photos more frequently.

This in combination with our E-Mail marketing campaign, we were able to achieve a 30

Email open Rate
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