Sales Increase with a redone Website -
Going Back To Square One And Achieve The Impossible

The Challenge

J Pauley is a Toyota OEM dealership in the heart of Arkansas. Basically, the most successful Toyota dealership in Arkansas.

DealerSocket was tasked with helping Adam Nobles and the J Pauley team. They were coming up against two major trends in the automotive industry.


The Solution

First, from the consumer side, shoppers weren’t submitting many leads because of fear of being “hounded” by a salesperson. And on the OEM side, Toyota has some strict requirements when it comes to displaying price – as well as discounts. The team had to find a solution that kept their site in compliance, while also engaging consumers with messaging that delivered a transparent price on the website.

That support and his decision to upgrade to Engine6 this past April — the same month Toyota certified the website platform for its Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions program — proved especially helpful when he began testing a new price-unlock feature. The fifth iteration of the price-unlock feature went live this past August, and Adams believes he’s on to something.


There’s the crossed-out MSRP pricing sitting above the “Reveal Best Price Instantly!” button, as well as the carefully crafted wording contained in the popup message that greets buyers who push it. 

Adam also made the critical decision not to require shoppers to enter their phone number into the popup’s lead form to access the dealership’s “rock-bottom pricing” for all vehicles — not just the one the customer selected.

Toyota Dealership Online Marketing

Between May and August of this year, J. Pauley’s website captured 796 leads — 99 of which resulted in sales. That’s up from 335 leads and 63 closed sales during the same period last year. “It’s not that the market sold more Toyotas; I’m just capturing a higher percentage of the market,” he says. “And a big reason for that is Engine 6.

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