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Online Marketing is a form of marketing and advertising which utilizes the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. That’s where we come in and provide you with the best quality Online Marketing Consulting.

our online marketing services.

  • Evaluation of Business Marketing Situation
  • Website Analyzation
  • Search Engine Appearance
  • Social Media Presence
  • Offline Marketing Campaigns
  • Review on fact-based Successes
  • We find out about your target demographic and where they are so that you can use your money wisely when targeting clients.

Is Social Media Online, or are there different ways to consider if it comes to “online”?

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Why Choose Online Marketing?

Build awareness

One huge benefit of marketing is that you can build awareness of your company, your brand, and your offerings. It provides companies with a way to get the word out to potential clients and customers. It also lets you, as a company, start to build a reputation.

Sales Increase

Once you start to spread the word about your services, clients will respond to marketing and sales will begin to rise. You are reaching a wider audience, so it only takes time to increase sales.


Businesses assume that if you’re going to create a marketing plan, you need to go all out and spend a small fortune, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all. In fact, there are plenty of ways that you can market your company online that are incredibly cost-effective. Not only that but online efforts make it possible to target a specific audience.


No matter what, every campaign will provide information about your audience. This feedback will allow us to adjust and target the correct demographic swiftly.

In the industry today it’s standard to use online marketing solutions to build a business. Your competitors are probably using it, and if they aren’t, then they probably aren’t your competitors.

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social media ad agency

  • Activate and Manage active Ad’s on one Social Media Platform
  • Lead Generation towards Website & Online Store
  • Audience Research and Optimization
  • Activate different Ad formats ( Text, Image, Story, Carousel, Native, Video )
  • Activate different Ad Objectives ( Reach, Brand Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Page Likes, Event Responses)
  • Ad length and Time Management
  • Social Media Ad pricing relates to 1 Platform
  • Additional Platforms will increase the Base Rate at 75%.

A company will tend to keep trying to get a specific Social Media Account to produce results, and that’s where companies sink most of their money. We only go after what works. Whichever avenue is providing the best results is where we will invest marketing.

We will provide you information about who will see the Ads and which platforms are ideal for promoting and will supply the biggest reward. We provide detailed information about how you can target your potential clients.

We will monitor your customer’s habits so that you can reach them where they are. This task occurs over multiple social media tools so that we can get the most detailed and accurate information. All the information we gather about your clients will be kept confidential.

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social media management

  • Setup and Manage an active Social Media Account
  • Organic Lead Generation towards Website, Online Store and Social Media Account
  • Audience Research and Optimization (including Hashtags( # ), Location, and Keywords)
  • Schedule a variety of Post Formats (Story, Image, Image/Text, Video/Text, Video, Text)
  • Schedule different Post Objectives ( Events, Promotions, Discounts, Special Deals, Seasonal Offers, Content Marketing)
  • Business Comment Respond and Engagement
  • Overall Social Media Platform Engagement
  • Social Media Management pricing relates to 1 Platform
  • Additional Platforms will increase the Base Rate at 50%.
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With so many consumers opting to go online before they purchase, franchisees need platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram to build and connect with their local communities.

You will have complete access to your Social Media Account while we manage it. We believe that through connection, clients start to trust a brand and that’s why we want you to visit your account to see what your customers are saying so that you can connect with them.

We will collect any feedback from your clients. Feedback can sometimes look like “negative” comments. What we do in that situation is obtain the information, acknowledge their share respectfully, and provide you with the feedback in a neutral way.

When we manage your Social Media Accounts, we will provide almost instant reaction to comments. By doing this, it will increase customer loyalty and appreciation. Customers start to feel appreciated when they don’t have to wait for a response. It also cuts down the time between a potential client purchasing a product or service.

The information we collect will be monitored so that we can improve the process and provide you with the stats of what’s improving. All of this information is, of course, kept confidential.

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brand content building program

Our Services Are

  • Creation 15/30 Social Media Posts per Billing Cycle
  • 2/4 Blog/Article Posts per Billing Cycle
  • Industry Research and Confirmation on Accuracy based on facts and referrals
  • Creation 2/4 Ad’s Copies (upon request – Platform details needed) per Billing Cycle
  • Creation (2-4)/(3-5) Images (Taken Picture or purchased Stock Picture)
  • Each Piece of Content that has been created for you will be branded with your Business
  • All Pictures will be branded and edited with no additional charges
  • Keyword and Brand related Content

Blogs are essential to appear “alive” as a business. Blogs show clients that you are active and take care of your Website. If a client goes to your site and sees you haven’t posted in 3 months, they will be deterred.

Some clients don’t care about the content and want their page to be updated. However, if your competitors have an active blog, your content must be creative so that clients actually read it. Everyone reads blogs if they’re interesting enough which our writers make sure they are. Also, each blog post will be Search Engine Optimized so that it becomes another avenue that brings clients.

You don’t have to worry about the backend development of your blogs because we will handle all of it from start to finish.

It does not take long to see results. Your blog posts will be monitored to see what clients respond to so that we know what content to put out. Some blog posts are a dud while others are a hit. Most clients see massive results within the first month of blogging. Companies that post more than 16 blogs per month achieve about five times more traffic than companies that publish four or fewer blogs per month.

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website optimization services

Website Optimization Services

  • Evaluation of Website Performance
  • Analyze Competitors Website Performance
  • Keyword Research and Reach to the Audience
  • Social Media Presence Integration
  • Link Building and Backlink Comparison
  • Review on fact-based Successes
  • Analytics Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Bounce Rate investigation
  • Creating Surveys and its Evaluation
  • Increase overall Website Performance
  • Content Copy Creation
  • Creation (3-5) Images (Taken Picture or purchased Stock Picture)

I think we can all relate to the experience of going on a website and seeing that it’s 10+ years old and immediately closing that window. Clients are smart, and they can tell when a site is old and decaying, and when it is fresh and sleek. Some companies might not care, but the clients do.

We will go in and see if people are visiting your Website as it is. Then we will start to update and optimize the site. We will provide SEO content, fresh photos, link building, and social media integration. Many clients desire ad spaces on their Website as a source of revenue; however, this is not recommended unless it benefits your customer behavior.

Through this process, we will be monitoring customer activity so that we gain more information about your potential clients. This information is gathered through Google Analytics and other tools in forms of reports.

Sometimes it’s hard for clients to know if they need Website Optimization, that’s why we will provide you with the facts so that you can tell if it’s worth it or not for your company. We believe it’s always best to make business decisions based on the facts, which is where we make our decisions.

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