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The Challenge

Luxury Auto Imports is a Luxury Used Car Dealership in San Diego. They provide primarily European luxury cars like Mclaren, Ferrari, and Aston Martin.

V Eight Marketing was tasked with helping Luxury Auto Imports execute an SEO migration strategy from an old platform to a new platform. The goal was to allow Luxury Auto Imports to acquire new customers while retaining old ones.

Digital Marketing for Luxury Car Dealerships

The Solution

They made sure that the move was as smooth as possible from an SEO point of view. For example, they implemented 301 redirects from old URLs to new ones across various forms of content.

301 redirects are ways to send readers and search engines to a different URL than the one that was requested by the server. This method is a way to redirect users to a new page while still keeping 90-99% of the ranking power in search. They also transferred metadata (titles, descriptions, and tags) to the new site, set up Google webmaster tools, and set up a new sitemap.

Results With V Eight Marketing

The project’s main goal was to keep the site’s SEO alive throughout the migration, ensure that readers could still follow all the calls to action and navigate the site, and ultimately boost the number of new leads.

V Eight Marketing helped Luxury Auto Imports boost their visitor numbers by 21% year over year. Because of the URL restructuring on the new platform. Luxury Auto Imports was able to rank higher than their competitors for keywords and phrases in their local market.

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